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Squob, our new favourite website, looking at mobile architecture 'beyond the white box', Things Magazine.Squob is a web magazine for RVers who don’t like RVs.
Because let’s face it, most recreational vehicles are style-free zones: nasty little travel trailers with plastic wood furniture, or giant ‘snowbird’ barges with cheesy graphics plastered down the side.

Fortunately, there are people out there who appreciate both RVing and fine design. People for whom the phrase ‘Class A’ suggests a Hunter S. Thompson novel, rather than a motorhome built on a truck chassis and over 21 feet long.

Send us tips.
If you spot something you think our readers would like, send it in. It could be a sleek new travel trailer, a funky camper, or a seriously tough expedition vehicle.

It could be something that gets you off the grid without turning you into a treehugger (no offence guys, we seriously love your stuff). And yes, it could even be a new take on the motorhome—as long as you’re not sending us something that looks like a prop from Meet The Fockers.

Feel free to redistribute our articles.
You’re very welcome to use our content on your own website or blog, or reprint it in a magazine. Squob has a Creative Commons licence that allows redistribution—just send us a courtesy email beforehand. Please make sure that squob.com is credited clearly, and if you’re posting online, include a link back to the URL of our original article.

Squob articles are featured on auto sites such as Jalopnik, Autoblog and AutoSpies. We’ve also been namechecked by style authorities such as Cool Hunter and Selectism, plus longtime web icons TechCrunch and Gizmodo. And we’re in mainstream RV print publications such as RV Life too. So you’re in good company!

Writing for Squob. (Or Squob writing for you.)
If you’ve got an established online profile and would like to be a guest contributor, get in touch. Your piece will need to be at least 350 words long, well-written and ‘on brand’.

Bear in mind that we only cover vehicles that are interesting from a design point of view: your article will need to pique the interest of visitors who wouldn’t consider themselves hardcore RV fans.

If you run a well-trafficked website with subject matter complementary to Squob—probably in the RVing, automotive, lifestyle or design fields—then we’d be happy to guest-contribute for you.

Who runs Squob?
Squob is run Chris Hunter, an Englishman living in New Zealand. Chris also runs the custom motorcycle site Bike EXIF, and is the author of the acclaimed book Vantastic, the definitive guide to New Zealand caravan culture.

PS: What does ‘Squob’ mean?
It doesn’t mean anything. It just sounds the same as ‘squab’, which is a fledgling pigeon about four weeks old or a cushion for a chair, which you sit on in your RV. But really, it’s just a short five-letter word—and in the world of domain names, those are harder to come by than a 1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge trailer.

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