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SylvanSport: Transformer trailer

SylvanSport Go camping trailerJust when you think you’ve seen it all, something completely different comes along. Like the $8,000 SylvanSport Go, a rather cool miniature camping trailer that weighs just 800 lbs and could probably be pulled by a Honda Gold Wing.

We reckon that most owners would just use the Kelty tent structure and ample storage space for weekend mini-vacations. But the Go also ‘hauls, stores and organizes all of your toys, from boats, to bikes, to moto-machines and even tools and garden gear.’

We’re not so taken with the styling, which comes from the Dyson school of brightly colored plastics. And the open design means that stuff might get dirty on the road. But the engineering that has gone into this camping trailer is seriously impressive: SylvanSport calls the Go ‘hyper-engineered’ and we’re not going to argue with that.

The Control-Tilt™ cargo bed has hydraulic dampening, and the rack system is compatible with both Thule and Yakima accessories. There are waterproof, lockable gear storage areas and the Go is even suitable for use as a small boat trailer, complete with waterproof electrical system.

It’s hard to see how the Go could be improved. After all, the Cedar Mountain, NC company has won several awards for the design, including a Gold at IDEA 2008 and a “Best of Adventure Gear 08” gong from National Geographic Adventure.

But you could start with SylvanSport’s small accessory list, which includes an awning and bed/table/seat panels. If it was down to us, we’d go luxe and also add a Faema E61 Legend espresso machine and a high performance Galileo satellite internet system—even if it doubled the weight of the trailer.

But let’s take it easy: before you go all Harley Davidson and start customizing the heck out of it, you’d best get down to a dealer and check it out the Go for yourself.

SylvanSport Go camping trailer
SylvanSport Go camping trailer
SylvanSport Go camping trailer
SylvanSport Go camping trailer

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