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Weinsberg: the ‘light’ EV

If you don’t want to get stuck in a muddy campsite, or swept away when fording a Alpine stream, cast your eye over the latest RVs from German maker Weinsberg.

Notebook Portable Flat-Folding BBQ

This barbecue folds down to the size of a notebook computer, and it can be yours for just £19.99. “Just plonk it down, light it up and you’re a twisted firestarter.”

Mad Mogs

Kneel down before the seriously hardcore Unimog build-ups at The Mog Shop.


Meet Bo Bjernekull and Birger Lindberg: “Officially they were working on a project called MEFAN that was supposed to produce hovercrafts for the military. Unofficially they made a camper caravan.”

Riding shotgun

The lovely Mrs Riccardo Patrese.

GMC: the Hot Wheels RV

It’s Thunderbirds and The A-Team rolled into one, a low and sleek sportscoach that stunned the RV industry when it launched in late 1972. Today, exactly thirty years after production stopped, the GMC Motorhome is becoming a cult icon.

No way!

Yes, a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle can haul a 5th wheel. You just have to see it to believe it.

Lost America

“Night photography of the abandoned west.” Check out Immobile Homes: metal-skinned derelicts on the range. (Thanks Troy.)

Track Tvan: Outback overkill?

There are lots of expedition-grade 4×4 trucks out there. But what if you’re taking a long trip, and there’s no room to fit a mattress in the back? That’s when you need a seriously hardcore camper trailer—like the Tvan.

Blow it out your —

Say hello to EcoJohn™ Sr, a waterless toilet that incinerates waste into a sterile ash and needs to be emptied only a few times per year. Simply connect the chimney, hook up the propane, and your toilet is ready to use!