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Toyota’s bizarre 1972 ‘camperwagon’

The very strange Toyota RV-2 camperwagon concept. Funnily enough, it never got made. [Thanks, Tim.]

Lodge-On-Wheels: shed heaven

It’s not the sort of vehicle you want to tow down a German autobahn at 120mph behind your Porsche Cayenne. But for meandering around the Rockies, or visiting friends in the Hamptons, a Martin House-To-Go is perfect.

Action Mobil: MAN enough?

What’s got 520 hp, weighs 21 tons, and costs $800 to fill up? Meet the new Globecruiser from Austrian expedition vehicle specialist Action Mobil.

The 10 best RV images on Flickr

After searching through the two billion images on Flickr, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best RV pictures. Or make that 11 if you count the wonderful Winnebago shot on the left from Mute*.

Full steam ahead

Steam-powered VW Transporter. “It has great acceleration and is deadly quiet. I heard it has the engine from a Stanley Steamer and can do 120km/h!”

In rust we trust

Lateral thinking from designer Dominic Wilcox: anti-theft rust and scratch decals designed to make your new vehicle or bike look shabby.

Don’t slam the @#$%ing door!

Vulgar Winnebago salesman outtakes. [NSFW]

Tonke Campers: Old is new again

The RV industry is in crisis. Could salvation come from the past — with a return to the craftsmanship employed by companies like Holland’s Tonke Campers?

Wood Shop

America’s first luxury SUV is reborn. Leon Miller is the Grand Wagoneer guru.

Sorry, you can’t get one

The Jeep you can’t buy in the USA: the lustworthy J8 Heavy Duty. It’s a military-spec Wrangler with 400nm of turbodiesel power, plus a snorkel for fording 30 inches of water (or surviving a five-hour sandstorm).