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Optimus Subprime

Bizarre but marvellously effective home-made campervan, created by three Japanese friends using a decrepit mid-80s Toyota Toyoace. [Thanks Daniel.]

Hymer Nova 580: Obama-van?

Most of the winners of the UK Which Caravan Awards 2009 are pretty mundane. But apparently not the German Hymer Nova. Indeed, one excitable judge exclaimed that this caravan had “more to say for itself than Barack Obama”.

Volkner: Dude, where’s my car?

Dude, it’s under the floor. The Performance motorhome from high-end German RV manufacturer Volkner Mobil has a garage between the wheels that’s big enough to hold a swanky Maserati Quattroporte.

Futurliner: the baddest bus ever?

The monster Class A motorhome you see trundling down the interstate has an ancestor. It’s GM’s wild Futurliner, over 11 feet tall and weighing around 13 tons. And guess when this baby first appeared?

GXV Unimog: The last stand

The favorite truck of the world’s armies is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. And the toughest Unimog of all is the U500 series. But you’ll have to be quick if you want to buy a U500-based ‘extreme RV’ in the USA.

Polar Glacier: Swede Dreams

The usual rule for caravans is that the bigger they get, the uglier they become. But nobody told Scandinavian maker Polar. Their triple-axle Glacier is huge by European standards, at 40 feet long, and pure class.

Big air

Drive it like you stole it: eyepopping video of the Russian Kamaz 4×4 truck in action at an exhibition.

Airstream: Mobile Cigar Lounge

No, it’s not a new model from the folks at Jackson Center. It’s a beautiful old 69er converted into a cigar-smoker’s paradise—complete with classy ‘Cigarista’ girls to pour your drink and light your stogie.

VW Camper: many hippy returns

The Love Bus is still alive. VW Brasil ships its new Type 2 Kombis to Britain, where they’re turned into campervans and sent off to ramble around The Shires.

Yikes, it’s the Nike 6.0 Ill Mobile

Nike’s eight-wheeled ‘Ill Mobile‘, an amphibious armor-plated war-truck from 1959 transformed into an extreme sport HQ.