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Knaus Yat: hide your V-Rod

Knaut Yat travel trailer and toy haulerThe hardest decision on many a roadtrip has just been solved. No longer do you have to decide on whether to travel light and take the bike, or load up the trailer. Airstream’s Basecamp has been getting a lot of attention, but we prefer the earlier and more hardcore Yat from German maker Knaus.

Created by Munich consultancy Naumann Design, the ‘Young Activity Trailer’ is designed to hold two motorbikes and quickly picked up a stash of design awards after its launch. It’s one of a new breed of trailers that are part caravan, part toy hauler, and all fun. And it can be yours for between €10,970 and €15,500, depending on configuration, which is roughly US$16,300 to US$23,000.

Knaus’ other travel trailers are relatively conventional, but its ‘fully integrated’ motorhomes are worth investigating: Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay gave the company a huge PR boost in the UK when he bought a C Liner a couple of years ago. That model is no longer made, but the new V Liner and S Liner models are a step above the usual euro motorhome.

Unfortunately, Knaus products aren’t available outside Europe and Japan. Which may explain the very dodgy jacket worn by the Harley rider in the media shots. His Yat might be cool, but he wouldn’t last five minutes at Sturgis.

Update, 11 October 2008: As widely predicted, Knaus Tabbert has gone bankrupt. Its application for a €12m ($16.2m) bridging loan to see it through the quiet winter months was rejected by banks, and a liquidator has been appointed. The German state of Bavaria is working to secure the company’s future.

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US company SylvanSport offers an equally innovative trailer for carrying motorbikes and ATVs: the $8,000 Go.

Knaut Yat travel trailer and toy hauler
Knaut Yat travel trailer and toy hauler
Knaut Yat travel trailer and toy hauler

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  1. where can I find a supplier in Belgium Holland germany or France

    Posted by Devos | June 23, 2010, 4:56 am